Commercial Kitchen Services


Planning and Preparation

A&T Solutions is partnered with several commercial kitchen equipment distributors who assist customers with their commercial kitchen design and procurement options. During the construction phase, our partners rely on us to coordinate the installation details, manage the equipment installation, and streamline the process for the customer.

A&T Solutions understands the critical need for comprehensive planning and preparation leading up to installation. Proactive measures are taken to maintain the established timeline and quality our customers expect. Commercial kitchen installations are performed toward the end of the construction timeline, often alongside several trade professionals who are completing their piece of the project. Installation technicians are unable to begin work until certain elements of the kitchen are complete. Poor coordination could easily result in work disruptions, missed deadlines, and additional costs. A&T Solutions approaches all projects in an organized, proactive manner to eliminate barriers and ensure a timely installation. Our commercial kitchen professionals initiate and maintain a relationship with the general contractor and provide a guide that outlines what to expect and how to prepare for installation.

Storage and Delivery

A&T Solutions coordinates with our business partners to ensure your equipment is delivered to our storage facility before the time needed for the installation. Upon arrival at our storage facility, we perform visual inspections to look for damages and create an itemized pick list referencing associated numbers on the install plan. We use extreme caution when transporting cargo to avoid damages and installation delays. We want to exceed customer expectations during every phase of the commercial kitchen installation.

Managing Installation

A&T Solutions’ business partners and their project managers rely on our site managers and installation technicians to ensure plans are followed, handle unforeseen issues, and apprise customers with routine project updates.

A&T Solutions project managers and installation technicians have a tremendous amount of experience, knowledge, and training. We want our business partners to have confidence that unexpected problems will be handled by a professional who is accustomed to minimizing risk, maintaining a safe work area, and ensuring compliance with all governing bodies.

Removal & Disposal

A&T Solutions offers removal and disposal of your existing equipment, which eliminates the need to hire additional contractors. We want our customers to feel confident that they made the right decision with A&T Solutions.

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